Авиа Конструкторская Мастерская
New compact Wind Tunnel including building!

New ARF (Almost Ready To Fly) recirculating  Wind Tunnel KIT

8,5 feet (2,6 m.) diameter flight chamber

- Eco friendly

- Easy & fast build

- Super lo coste operate

- Price 420 000 Euro

Aeronautic Constructions Manufacturing

  ACM (Aeronautic Constructions Manufacturing) was founded in 2011. The main direction is a design and production of high-power axial fans, indoor wind tunnels, open wind tunnels and wingsuit wind tunnels.
 Also, we are engaged in the design of LS and light aircrafts, UAVs and aviation equipment based on composite materials. 
 At present, our company produces a new AKM-5 two-seater aircraft and its KITs. Possessing perfect aerodynamics and excellent technical and economical characteristics, it can be operated in various climatic zones and use a various types of runways.

  Wind tunnels ACM have an original design, protected by patents. They are represented by all types and sizes that can be claimed for a wide range of possible locations, from small (flight chamber diameter 2.2 m.) To large (4.2 m.). All of our wind tunnels are electric driven with high automatical digital control system.  
ACM Wind tunnels:
- Eco friendly, 
- Lo coste
- Low noise
- Best operation coste (average energy consumption about 200 kW / h)
Our most popular, best Price/Qality Wind Tunnel VWT-240 model (8 feet):
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