FLYTA-240 / 260 / 360

 The new products of our company is a vertical recirculating type electric driven wind tunnels in the small and middle size class. 
These are wind tunnels with a flight chamber diameter of 2.4 m., 2.6 m. and 3,6 m.
 The 240/260 models are similar in design and have the same external dimensions. The experience of operating a wind tunnel with a flight chamber diameter of 2.2 m showed that although they perform their tasks, people fly in them and even enjoy, however, some of them need more space. Diameter of 2.4 m (8 ft) is already much more comfortable for flying than 2.2, but it costs almost the same. Its second advantage (arising from the first) is extremely  low power consumption, and, low power supply requirements. For Only 460 kW is required to operate FLYTA-240.
Price 300 000 USD

 FLYTA-260  Is project in same ideology of the maximum price-quality ratio, but it, in turn, already gives an advantage to those operators who are satisfied with the level of costs for a 2.5 m (8,5 ft) diameter wind tunnel, but "still want a little more space." 
At the same time, the level of power consumption is still super low - 550 kW.
Price 450 000 USD

FLYTA-260 including a wind tunnel incorporated in building frame and project.  That greatly simplifies the installation and start.

FLYTA-360 is a full size 12 ft vertical recirculating wind tunnel. Power consumption (max.) 1150 kW
Price 920 000 USD

All of models offer the operator the highest quality flow and extremely low noise fnd vibration.

 17.02.2020  06:24:05