Indoor Wind Tunnels
Flight chamber diameter: 2,2 m, 2,4 m, 2,8 m, 3,2 m, 3,6 m, 4,3 m

Indoor Wingsuit Wind Tunnels
Flight chamber 4x3 m.(500 kW, 5x3,5 m. 700 kW

Open vertical Wind Tunnels

Flight chamber 2,2 m. 630 kW

Axial fans for Wind Tunnels
D 2,5 m, 355 kW, 7 fans
ACM-VWT-240Our new Indoor Wind Tunnel ACM-VWT-240
Ultimate safety providing by innovative energy adsorbing net
Eco friendly (no emissions, low noise)
No vibrations cause of fans installing on the own motor mounts and foundations
Best price on the market.
Low operation cost
Easy to build and start


Our NEW revolutionary product - Indoor Wingsuir Wind Tunnel
Super compact vertical design
Widest of operate types (wingsuit jumpers sport training, Ski jumpers sport training, Fun flyings for everybody)
Low cost 

Open type Wind Tunnel ACM-220 Open
Fast project
Plug & Fly!

 19.06.2024  16:23:55